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Platform created for custom clothing requests for self and loved ones.

Suisillai offers bespoke tailoring for women and kids, including casual and formal attire.


We built a platform for bespoke clothing, tailored to each customer's uniqueness.

We understand your need! From the first sew, to the last sew, our clothes are made with the best quality finish experience.

From designer to fashionable, we make every intricate design exclusively to suit you to a nicety. We made clothes according to your speciations to create your own look.

We craft clothes for optimal comfort and style. For looking the best you need premium clothes and we are here to provide you the premium tailoring.


Designer Dress for Women

Women's bespoke designer dress tailored to their specific style and measurements.


Fabric Slection Assistance

Expert guidance from Suisillai to choose the perfect fabric for your needs.


Special Kids Wear

Unique and charming clothing for children, designed to make them feel special and cherished.


Doorstep Delivery Services

Convenient home delivery services to bring your purchases right to your doorstep.



Indian traditional dress is known for its vibrant colors, intricate designs, and rich fabrics. Each region has its own unique style of clothing, reflecting India's diverse culture and history. Indian traditional dress is worn on special occasions and celebrations, showcasing the country's rich cultural heritage.

Western dress, also known as western wear, refers to clothing that is commonly worn in Western societies. It includes a range of styles such as jeans, t-shirts, suits, and dresses. Western dress is influenced by historical and cultural factors and has evolved over time, reflecting changes in fashion trends and social norms.

Kids wear is a category of clothing designed specifically for children. It includes a range of styles, from playful and colorful to more formal and sophisticated. Kids wear should prioritize comfort and durability while still reflecting the unique personalities of each child.

About us

Based in
- Faridabad

Suisillai, a top-tier tailoring service provider based in Faridabad, India, delivers high-quality, affordable bespoke tailoring services to your doorstep for kids and women's wear. As fashion trends evolve, we offer unique outfit solutions to enhance your beauty without having to leave your home. Let us provide you with exceptional tailoring services.

About us
For designer dresses, Suisillai's team has been delivering exceptional designs to customers since 2018.

Trusted Expertise

Our team, with a vast portfolio and years of experience, strives to build lasting relationships with each customer by providing timely delivery and customized recommendations.

Design Sketching


Fabric Selection


Dynamic Trends

The process

Curating the
future tailoring


/ Pick Fabric

Whether you visit Suisillai studio or connect via WhatsApp, select the perfect fabric for your dress and receive free assistance from a skilled designer.


/ Book Designer

Book our expert designer, connect, and share your occasion details, special needs, or reference designs for better understanding and customized fashion recommendations.


/ Get Stitched

Suisillai will stitch your unique dress quickly, based on its type, design, and your order quantity, ensuring the best quality regardless.


/ Get Delivered

Collecting your order from Suisillai is effortless. Opt for doorstep delivery or pick it up yourself from the studio.

Real Testimonials

Read what our customers say about Suisillai


Commendable service provider of custom tailoring services for kids. I wanted to design a frock for my little one and Suisillai stitched a great frock as per my expectations. I will definitely use your service again.


Great dress designers for women. They designed a lehenga for me according to my specifications. Am so impressed with their custom tailoring services and I advise choosing Suisillai for women's dress design.


Had given an order for a designer suit. I'm very happy with the design, stitching, and prompt delivery.


I get all my occasion dresses made from them, they are masters of custom tailoring. I give them my choice of design & pattern and they exactly make the same which I want. Thanks to her and the whole team of Suisillai.


I got fantastic stitching services from Suisillai. I tailored an indo-western dress from them for me and they did a great job. You did fantastic stitching and finishing. I got various compliments from others for this dress. Thank you Suisillai!


They are a very creative and talented team of designers who did their work perfectly and timely. You guys are providing a very convenient custom tailoring service for people who don't have the time to visit a boutique.

The process

Latest Achievements

Since the 2000s, fashion design has become increasingly complex, leading to specialized fields. In 2018, Suisillai was founded to offer affordable, unique, and special designer dresses for all.


Launched Online Store



Completed 500 Clients Mark



Completed 100 Clients Mark



Suisillai's Inception


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Read suisillai's blog articles to stay updated with new fashion trends.

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